From a Working Student to an OFW: A Domestic Helper Shares Her Inspiring Story While Working Abroad

A lot of Overseas Filipino Workers work abroad for many years. For an OFW, the ultimate dream is to successfully make something sustainable and fulfilling out of the many years of sacrificing.

For someone who has been sacrificing his happiness and comfort in the Philippines, a Filipino worker surely dreams of having a more comfortable life of never having to work a day in their lives ever again. The journey towards this financial stability can be quite challenging, especially with the demands and expenses that would come hand in hand with the daily life. However, an OFW was able to reach for her goal — one step at a time.

[Image Credit: Zcjxion Shienye Bacor / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Zcjxion Shienye Bacor / Facebook]

Reaching For the Goal

An OFW named Cerelyn Laghayon Bacor (using username Zcjxion Shienye Bacor) shared her inspiring story on Facebook. According to her, it’s her first time to work abroad. Before leaving the country, her goal is to save money, use a part of it to build a house for her family, and buy other properties.

Life did not start as positive and as lucky for Cerelyn. Her family is poor and she was a working student to support herself while studying in college. Although she finished her degree in Sociology, she did not become a sociologist but instead choose to work abroad as a domestic helper.

She also shared her sorrow on how people were laughing at her because she’s a domestic helper, even if she’s a graduate of a four-year degree course. But she did not let this get to her; she believes that her job is honorable and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Pro naging sawi prin ako ksi hndi ako naging sociologist iba ang bagsak ko ngaun isa akong maid pro dko iknakhiya un khit pnagtwanan ako ng iba dhil college grad.isang domistic helper but i dont care ksi marangal na trabaho ito at ito ay pnagmmlaki ko sa buong mundu

[Image Credit: Zcjxion Shienye Bacor / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Zcjxion Shienye Bacor / Facebook]

Working for Four Years

She is serving a family in Saudi Arabia. October of this year marks her four years of working abroad.

Cerelyn shares that with her job as a domestic helper, she was able to save money and is currently building a house for her family. They were able to buy Falkata trees in their province and built their own family business.

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Cerelyn’s story is truly inspiring. We hope that other OFWs will find luck like her in working abroad. Don’t lose hope, Kabayan!

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