All Work and No Pay: OFW in Jeddah is Asking for Urgent Help

An OFW in Jeddah is now pleading for help.
An OFW in Jeddah is now pleading for help.

What are the reasons Filipinos are working overseas? A lot of them wants to give a better future for their families while some are looking for getting their dream homes and investments come true.

You might have heard of Overseas Filipino workers being able to reach their dreams and goals. There are also others who worked overseas and were able to build their dream houses, their ideal cars, and even their lifetime investments.

However, not every OFW is lucky enough to live their ideal lives turn out the way they want it to be. Some of them even go back to the country empty-handed, with their dreams broken and piles of debt to finish. Some OFWs are still in another country, suffering, and pleading for help.

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No Access to Anyone

An OFW in Jeddah named Meriam Limba Tula from Talayan is one of our fellow Kababayan OFW in Jeddah who is crying for help. A netizen named Sha Rang Hee on Facebook posted Tula’s video.

According to Hee, her aunt met Tula in a hotel when they attended a wedding. The OFW in Jeddah was pleading for help since it has been four months since she arrived in the country. Other than not receiving her salary for the past four months, the treatment of her employers was also not good.

She also cannot speak to any Filipinos. Other than not having a contact number in Jeddah, she cannot keep a cell phone too. The only contact that the OFW has is a small letter she handed to the other OFW.

Hopefully, we can help our fellow OFW again.

We hope that this message will reach not only her families in the Philippines, who are surely worried about her, and the government entities which can help send her back to the country.

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