Wife With No Savings Left Devastated After OFW Husband Died

A wife was devastated after her OFW husband died.
A wife was devastated after her OFW husband died.

Do you have a family member who is working as an Overseas Filipino Worker? What do you do whenever you receive the remittance from your family member or husband? Do you save it or do you spend all of it in one go?

Unfortunately, a wife of an OFW experienced a different story. She learned her lesson the hard way. Every time her husband is sending her remittances, she always spends every peso on it. She left devastated after her OFW husband died due to a heart attack.

Devastating Story

An OFW wife shared her own story about her OFW husband. The OFW named Vic was forced to work away from his family in order to sustain not only the needs but also the wants of his family members.

When the husband went abroad, the wife, along with their children, became greedy and often call Vic to ask for the latest gadgets and anything that fancies their eyes. Being the responsible father, he tried to keep up with all their wants and provides everything they need.

One day, her cousin called up and delivered the bad news that shattered the world of the whole family. The OFW husband died from sudden heart attack.

More Sad News After the Other

Shortly after the husband’s death, the family suffered again and had to sell all their belongings in order to live. The life they are suffering now is far from the life they were used to.

In the end, the family learned their lesson in a very heartbreaking way.

This is a living proof that not because a family member is earning a lot, you should spend every peso that you have. You should learn how to save money.

Given this life lesson, how do you think you will be able to save the remittances that an OFW is sending? Do you think establishing a business can help or should you keep the funds in the bank?

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