Unique House Plan: One-Story Two-Bedroom Home

What is the reason why people choose unique house designs?

While other people don’t like houses with a different style than the traditional ones, more and more people, especially those from the younger generation, chooses unique house designs.

Not only are they attractive to look at, these houses normally have a floor space which is bigger and spacier than the usual ones. They also have more rooms compared to the traditional single floor houses.

One of the most unique house designs that you will surely love is our plan for today.

From the outside, you will easily be pulled in by its unconventional shape: The front part is curved shaped while the rest of the house is square. Even if it has a unique shape, this house still has several glass windows, which promotes natural light and ventilation inside the house.

Once you step inside the home, the first area that you will see is the living room. Just a few steps from the receiving area is the dining hall and the kitchen.

The combined dining and kitchen areas have a distinctive format: Instead of the usual dining table, the eating area makes use of a long island or table, which does not only saves you more space, but it gives the area a more dramatic look.

There is also a common bathroom area at the back. The location is ideal as it is accessible to you, wherever part of the house you are.

Although this unique house plan has limited floor area, it still has enough room for the occupants. There are two bedrooms, a smaller one and a much bigger Master’s Bedroom in front of the house.

The Master’s Bedroom comes with a space for a dresser or an office table as well as several built-in cabinets while the smaller bedroom is spacious enough for a bed, built-in cabinets, and even a study table.

Check out the floor of this unique house plan here:


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