Two-Bedroom Traditional Bungalow House Design

Bungalow houses are popular for a reason: They are cheaper to build yet they provide ample space for the family. Plus, these types of houses can be extended without spending too much money. You can add more rooms at the side.

You’ll be interested with the featured house plan for today.

This bungalow is perfect as a vacation house or if you are planning to stay in the province. Its the perfect size for a small or growing family as it comes with two bedrooms, a common bathroom, a small kitchen, and a combined living room and dining area setup.

Before diving into the rooms of this house, take a look at the exterior first.

What makes this bungalow unique is that it is made of a combination of traditional and modern materials. The skeletal system of this house is made of concrete and steel, yet the exterior has a wooden finish.

The walls are made with wood, complete with a banister and mini fence. The roof is galvanized steel with tile effect, which gives the house a modern feel to it.

Before you enter the home, the first area that you will find is the balcony. You can hang a hammock and place a table and some chairs here and it’s a perfect spot to relax. It can also be a lanai or a breakfast nook.

Looks can be deceiving as you enter this bungalow. The interiors are made of wood and concrete, with wooden laminate flooring. There are also several pin lights and big sliding doors and windows, which allows natural ventilation and lighting inside the house.

Let’s take a look at the interior of this house:

The first area that you will find is the combined living room and dining area. Instead of having the television in the receiving area, it is mounted across the dining area to save on space and prevent the area from looking cramped.

There is also a small yet fully functional kitchen as well as the common bathroom across, from the dining table. A mini display shelf is placed before the kitchen, to separate it from the receiving area.

The bathroom may have limited floor space, but it has everything that you need to do your business. It has a lavatory, a toilet bowl, and a shower area complete with shower enclosure.

It may have limited floor area, but there are two bedrooms in this house: A Master’s Bedroom and a smaller bedroom for the other members of the family. These rooms uses a pocket door to save on space as well. Both rooms have enough space for a full-size bed and built-in cabinets.

This bungalow house may not be the biggest house that you might find, but they have all the rooms that the family needs to stay in comfort.

Along with the two bedrooms, this house comes with a fully-functional kitchen, a common bathroom, a dining room, a living room, and a balcony.

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