Traditional House Plan: Two-Story Cozy And Homey Home

Traditional House Plan: Two-Story Cozy And Homey Home

Are you looking for a traditional house? Maybe you are thinking of living in the province, where a lot of old houses are made of traditional materials like wood, nipa, and bamboo.

Why do a lot of people prefer living away from the city? The climate is better. The air is clean and there’s an abundant supply of fresh fruits, vegetables, and even poultry and fish. Although the lifestyle is a little slower than in the busy city, people seems to be happier and more contented with their lives.

If this is also a choice that you’ll be making, then, it’s a must that you have a house to live in. For instance that you prefer living in a traditional house, then, this wooden house design will be perfect for your plan.

The house plan for today is a two-story wooden house which comes with one bedroom, one bathroom, one hallway, one kitchen and dining, and a spacious living room.

Before you enter the home, the first things that you will see is the spacious balcony. Place in a terrace table set and its a perfect chill spot during the afternoon or a breakfast nook.

The first floor of this traditional house is the service area. As you enter the main door, the first area that you will find is the living room. The floor is made from dark red wood. It is ideal to make the decorations simple and minimal too.

The side of the house is a separate kitchen. It comes with a bar counter made of real wood as well as under the counter cabinets and simple kitchen equipment. Unlike other house plans, the kitchen of this traditional house is open. The walls are made of wood partitions.

The common bathroom is located on the ground floor, next to the living room. This toilet and bath is also made traditional, with a little touch of modernity to it. The walls are made of bricks, and it also has a toilet, a lavatory, a big mirror, and a heater for the shower.

The second floor is where the bedroom is. Since it’s surrounded with big windows, there is enough ventilation. This bedroom is also arrange simple: It comes with a large bed on the floor, a small side table, and a fan or air-condition unit, depending on your choice.

This traditional house may be small, but it is cozy and homey. It’s a beautiful house plan made by Babban which can serve as your future home or can be a vacation house too.

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