Traditional House Designs: Living Away From The City

What’s the best part of living in the province?

The abundant supply of vegetables and fruits.

The culture of the people.

The fresh and more livable environment.

Whatever is the reason why you choose to live away from the city, complete your experience living in the province by having a traditional house like this house plan for today.

This traditional house might be made of wood, but you are guaranteed that the materials used will last for decades.

It uses a combination of wood at the exterior, glasses for the windows and accent walls, and prefabricated steel and blocks for its skeletal framework. The roof uses a thick sheet of metal designed in a slope, giving the house a traditional yet homey feel to it.

What makes this traditional house a contemporary home is that it uses glass as its accent walls. The sliding doors are made of thick glass and the second floor (or the mini attic)’s walls are made of thick tempered glass.

The other areas of this house, including the balcony, is covered with a roof. Although there’s no ready made garage, you can just easily park your vehicle beside or in front of the house, especially if you have a big lot area.

If you are looking for a traditional house plan which will fit your needs and budget, check out these great designs from Naibann:

A one-story wooden house with three bedrooms and one common toilet and bath that fits a small family with its total area of 59 square meters.

This cottage, bungalow traditional house has a living space of 61 square meters as well as two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

This modern house design comes with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in a living space of 74 square meters.

This home has wide winged roof design, spacious hallway, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms with a living space of 87 square meters.


Overall, these house plans come with all the areas that the family needs to live comfortably: They all have a spacious living room, a dining room, a kitchen, as well as several rooms and common bathrooms for the whole family to use.

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