Three Nurses from Taif Hospital Who Played with An Infant’s Head Got Terminated

The nurses made fun of the infant's head in Saudi Arabia. [Image Credit: اجل بالفيديو/Youtube]

Whenever we see a newborn baby, we naturally smile and feel happy. No matter who are the parents of the baby or wherever we see them, a smile will easily spread our face and love can be seen in anyone’s eye in the presence of a small kid or newborn baby.

Whenever we hold a baby, we need to give intensive care, as if it is a dainty flower. Unfortunately, we also often see people playing pranks for the sake of fun and laugh at playing jokes on babies, without knowing that someone might get hurt or feel sentimental.

This incident happened in Saudi Arabia. However, instead of just laughing at it and forgetting about the incident, people became angry and required a stricter action against the nurses who filmed the viral photos.

What Happened?

This heart-breaking incident happened in Taif where qualified nurses, who showed affection while treating patients, mistreated a newborn baby. As reported by Arab News, these nurses played with the baby’s head. Although it was just a part of entertainment and joy from seeing the baby, it shocked the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Children are not a toy to play with. An infant, who is very sensitive, should be treated with love, but according to news, the child was abused by careless nurses.

Since the skull is the most sensitive part of a newborn, mistreating this part can cause an injury and lead to a never-ending pain for the child’s parents.

[Image Credit: اجل بالفيديو/Youtube]
[Image Credit: اجل بالفيديو/Youtube]

Who Are The Nurses?

The nurses, which were identified not as Filipinos, made a video and posted on social media for fun. The video sparked outraged and people demanded for the case to be investigated thoroughly.

According to the Spokesperson of Taif Health Affairs, Abdullah Al Rabie, the investigation is still ongoing and if proven guilty, the nurses will face penalties. The child’s father was also shocked to see his child being abused and said that no parent can tolerate the mistreatment of their children.

[Image Credit: اجل بالفيديو/Youtube]
[Image Credit: اجل بالفيديو/Youtube]

Moreover, Arab News also stated that the three guilty nurses were already terminated. With the case like this, it can be really hard to get a job abroad.

Let this serve as a lesson for everyone, especially our kababayans who are working as nurses overseas. Since we are working for intensive care, people expect us to always respect other people and take care of them.

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