Taiwan bridge collapses killing 2 Filipinos and injuring others

An arch bridge collapsed into the bay of a fishing village in Nanfangao in eastern Taiwan on Tuesday, October 1.

9News reported that the 140-metre-long arched bridge collapsed into a bay on Taiwan’s east coast, about 60 kilometres southeast of Taipei, the capital. A typhoon swept by the island earlier, but the weather was sunny when the bridge collapsed, and it wasn’t clear if the storm was a factor.


Watch this news report from ABC News:

Ten people were injured and two Filipino fishermen were confirmed dead, Philippine labor officials said on Wednesday, October 2. Authorities are still searching for other possible victims that might have been covered by the rubble.

The Philippines’ Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) identified the two Filipino fishermen who were killed in the incident as Andree Abregana Serencio and Gorge Jagmis Impang.

Another Filipino fisherman, Romulo Illustrimo Escalicas Jr, remained missing, DOLE said in a statement. He was feared to still be trapped in the rubble underneath the bridge that crashed into the bay.

Rappler said DOLE said rescue and retrieval operations continue after the collapse. Rescuers go into the deep to reach people who might have been trapped into the rubble as there were other fishermen who were reported missing, all were Filipino and Indonesian fishing boat workers

DOLE reported that the victims’ families were already notified about their death.  The families were assured that the Philippine government would help them repatriate the remains of the victims. and all possible assistance would be accorded to the bereaved families including scholarship of the victims’ children.

Relatively, five Filipino fishing boat crew were earlier reported to have sustained minor injuries from the collapse and were being treated at the Poai Hospital and Rong Min Hospital.

Taiwanese authorities are investigating the incident. The arch bridge, built in 1998, was still within its expected 50-year lifespan.

Taiwan has a huge fishing industry that employed low-paid migrant workers from countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Source: ABS CBN, ABC News

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