Be Careful: Strict Rules in UAE That You Should Follow

UAE is considered as the second home of many OFWs.

If you are seeking to work overseas, one of the most popular countries to find employment is the United Arab Emirates. There are a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers working as domestic helpers, engineers, and skilled workers in UAE. Other than the number of jobs available in the country, the Gulf Estate is considered as one of the safest because of the laws that it has.

UAE is a safe and secure country. A big part of the safety in the country is the strict rules, laws, and regulations implemented not only to the residents but also the visitors.

While some of these laws are based on common sense, some of them have cultural significance to the country. Violating them may result to legal or financial trouble.

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Rules and Regulations of UAE That You Should Keep in Mind

Crossing The Streets

If you are in a hurry to escape the scorching sun, be careful when crossing the streets.

Other than the danger of randomly crossing the streets of UAE, you will also end up paying a fine of DH 200. Use the zebra crossing or the metro bridges and stations when crossing the roads.

Taking Photos

When you are visiting a new place and you want to show it off to your family and friends on social media, be careful with the subjects you are taking.

Taking or publishing photos of other people without their permission is considered illegal in UAE. This is considered as a breach of privacy and you will end up in serious trouble if the person decided to take it legally.

This cybercrime will end you up paying from DH 150,000 to DH 200,000 along with some jail time.

Sending Messages With Foul Languages

Control your emotions when you are angry. From sending foul languages to emoticons that signifies crude language, if the recipient of the message decides to show it to the police and press charges, you will be liable.

You will either pay fines or worst, it might lead you spending time in jail or be deported from UAE.

Throwing Garbage

If you have a candy wrapper or cigarette butt that you need to throw away, wait until you see a trash can.

UAE is very particular with the environment and littering is considered illegal. If you’re found guilty, you will end up paying fines and jail time.

Sharing Secrets

It is common for people to whisper personal secrets to a mutual friend or share information to your other coworker.

However, if you’re found to be spilling other people’s secrets, it will cost your fines and jail term.

The country is taking privacy, defamation, and confidentiality seriously. You are not allowed to publish information or make accusatory statements and false defamatory which could raise hatred or contempt.

Washing Your Car

Washing cars in public, whether it is paid or free parking spaces are considered illegal in UAE.

This does not only extends to the aesthetic of communities in the country, but it also serves a greater purpose: To conserve water.

Whether you are working or visiting places in UAE, make sure to follow the rules and regulations of the country.

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