Stay Away from Double Your Money Schemes: Big Time Scammer Grace Corona Arrested

Grace Corona is a big time scammer who run away with 400 million pesos. [Image Credit: Arnelle Storba/Facebook]
Grace Corona is a big time scammer who run away with 400 million pesos. [Image Credit: Arnelle Storba/Facebook]

Most of us are thinking of ways on how we can increase our money or in finding a steady passive income that can help us especially during financial or critical times. Some of us invest the money in mutual funds or stock market while there are others who choose to let their money sit on the bank.

However, there are also others who choose the easier path and would like to get quicker or more income-generating business. Even if it is riskier and cannot guarantee the return of the money.

This is exactly what people experienced from Grace Corona.

Who is Grace Corona?

If you have not heard the name Grace Corona, you might not have read the latest news. She is trending the social media pages now after being arrested by the police from the airport. She was able to go back to Manila from Davao when the police caught her through an entrapment operation and took her to the station for questioning.

What is the problem? Grace Corona is a big time scammer. She did not run away with small amount of money. She took him 400 million worth of hard-earned money of people all over the Philippines.

Big Time Scam

According to a Facebook user named Arnelle Storba, Corona introduced herself as the owner of a large firm named GC Lending Corporation. She meets and talks to people and tell them that she is investing and lending money to different entities: Customs, engineers, teachers, and other professionals. She promises a high return on investments, which is double the money you invested in, within just a few weeks.

However, she suddenly went missing from her office in Pavino Compound, Davao City. All of the checks she issued to investors bounced and when they investigated, she had a lot of victims in Davao City, Panabo City, Tagum, Manila, and Cebu.

This is a big lesson not only for the people in the Philippines but also for our beloved OFWs who are wishing to invest their money. Always remember: if the promise is too good to be true, better stay away from it.

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