Starting Your Business in the Philippines After Working Abroad: How Much is the Starbucks Franchise Cost

How much does a Starbucks franchise cost? [Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
How much does a Starbucks franchise cost? [Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

As an Overseas Filipino Worker, you would not like to work abroad for the rest of your life. One of the things that you would do, once you are on vacation, is to think of an investment that would last for the rest of your life. If you love drinking coffee and you have enough money to invest, you may want a Starbucks franchise instead. But the next question would be: How much does a Starbucks franchise cost?

There are coffee lovers all over the world. The aroma of coffee that is as captivating as Starbucks’ signature ones really make a difference. For some people, indulging in the Starbucks experience is simply awesome. It starts when you choose the brew that you want and then finding the perfect place in the store where you can just sit down and chill while sipping your coffee can change your perspective.

Details of Opening The Business

Starbucks International has a unique business model that offers a wide range of programs for business depending on your community’s needs, location, and target customers. This is the business’ Branded Solutions that include business development, relationship management and direct selling of their brands.

  • Licensed Store – If you prefer this business model, it includes: Unrivaled, customizable store design; Starbucks menu; equipment, training and support; Seasonal promotions; proprietary equipment and future package; whole bean packaged coffee and comprehensive merchandise assortment; exclusive Starbucks food and bakery program; ongoing expertise, consulting, and support including onsite visits.
  • Food service – This business model depends on your business channel. Starbucks provides a variety of solutions with their famous brands tailored to your business. The channels may include: Fine Dining; business and industry; college and university; government and military; office coffee; travel and recreation; healthcare; and hotel and lodging.

Each of these programs has its own specific platform that revolves around the Starbucks experience. These offer a variety of premium solutions that would help you succeed as a local partner.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

Starbucks Products

  • Coffee – More than 30 blends of single-origin premium coffees
  • Handcrafted beverages – freshly brewed coffee, Frappucino’s, hot and iced espresso drinks, refreshers, smoothies, and teas
  • Fresh food – pastries, yogurts and parfaits, salads, sandwiches, oatmeals, and fruits.
  • Merchandise – Mugs, tumblers, travel mugs, coffee pots, bags of coffee, teapots, gifts

Starbucks Franchise Cost

Starbucks Philippines is under The Rustan’s Group, one of the wealthiest companies in the country. They are responsible for all the activities of Starbucks coffee shops in the Philippines. Acquiring an outlet in the Philippines may range from $300,000 to $400,000.

Advantages of Having a Starbucks Business

  • Award-winning global brand
  • Excellent customer service practices
  • Quality and flexible coffee and tea products
  • Popular with people of all ages and genders
  • No high season or low season as everyone drinks coffee and tea

Disadvantages of Having a Starbucks Business

  • The application process is long and very strict
  • Not available for franchising in the country as of April 2017

Starbucks is currently not looking for any franchise opportunities as of April 2017. However, if Starbucks states that the situation changes, they will update the page and include further details and information.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
In terms of financial capabilities, global partner requirements, store location, and other requirements, you need to register first and become a customer, then a Starbucks representative will assist you with your queries and questions.

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  1. hi..i am one of the many ofw in italy..and i am thinking to franchise a coffe shop(not to mention the name of the company)but i am also interested having an idea to franchise a Starbucks.

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