Sondos Alqattan Airs Her Side After Her Remarks On Granting Day Offs To OFWs And Brands Dropping Her

Sondos Alqattan
Who do you believe more: Sondos Alqattan or Khalid Al Ameri?

Sondos Alqattan Finally Airs Her Side

A lot of Filipinos who are working abroad want to give their family a comfortable life. They are sacrificing a lot, including their comforts and happiness, just to provide shelter, food, and education for their loved ones.

However, it is not a secret that many OFWs are not only longing to be with their loved ones, they are also at risk when working abroad. There are some workers who are in undesirable and even threatening situations. While some are being abused physically by their employers, there are others who have their documents, especially their passports, taken away from them.

To prove that they are for the welfare of Filipinos, Kuwait released a new law that allows OFWs to keep their own passports and to take a day off at least once every week. Even if a lot of people are happy to hear about it, a Kuwaiti social media start named Sondos Alqattan seems to be not in favor.

In a video she posted and later on deleted, Sondos expressed her concern if who will refund her in case the OFW would run away and go back to their home country since that person is holding her passport. Because of the new rules, she stressed out that she will no longer get a Filipino helper.

Netizens scrutinized the social media star because of her inhumane treatment to OFWs.

Dropped By Sponsors

Due to the remarks made by Sondos Alqattan, several international brands decided to cut ties with her. Cosmetics giant Max Factor was shocked by the comments she made against OFWs and immediately suspended all collaborations.

Another London-based cosmetic company, Chelsea Boutique, decided to remove all of her videos in their channels and commented that they want a decent working condition for everyone and her behavior does not represent their brand’s core beliefs.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Sondos explained her side. According to her, the passport of the expat employee should be in the possession of the employer to protect the employer’s interest, regardless of the nationality. She also reiterated that she has not mistreated or degraded an employee of hers.

Remarks By Another Social Media Star

Meanwhile, another social media star from Abu Dhabi, Khalid Al Ameri, reacted to the remarks made by Sondos.

Instead of disagreeing with the new law, Khalid raised a question among the viewers: What would you feel if you are not agreed to have a day-off?

Khalid Al Ameri is a well-loved influencer because of his positivity. [Image Credit: Khalid Al Ameri / Facebook]
Khalid Al Ameri stressed out that every job in the world offers a rest day. According to him, workers are not robots — they are human who need a day off to go out, to rest, and to enjoy life.

Watch the video here:

What can you say about this? Which of the two social media stars do you agree with?

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