Soldier Suffering from War Shock from Marawi Siege Missing

Though the siege of Marawi is almost being forgotten and victims and their families are recovering from this terror, many are still being haunted by its blood bath.

It was one of the most catastrophic battles fought in Philippine history where many young Filipino soldiers fought the physical war leaving most of them dead and ill-fated but received military honors as they deserve to be remembered as heroes. Those who survived were promoted in recognition of their selfless dedication and commitment to the country .

After almost a year since the Marawi battle, 641 soldiers who fought and risked their lives for the country were promoted a rank higher on May 22, 2018 in a conferment ceremony led by Defense Undersecretary Cardozo Luna and Philippine Army Commanding General Rolando Bautista.

One of those brave soldiers who was promoted was Corporal Jason Pinkihan. Cpl. Pinkihan as reported suffered post-traumatic battle disorder a.k.a. war shock due to the insane carnage he witnessed in Marawi siege.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines had him treated for this disorder which he has recovered from and was allowed to continue his service but when assigned in Cagayan Valley and had an encounter, his trauma was triggered which caused him to wander and now missing.

He was last seen on January 30 aboard a van going to Tuguegarao. No updates were recorded after that and his wife and family are worried for his safety. In a circulating plea from his wife, she was asking everyone to bear with the condition of Cpl. Pinkihan and not to hurt him for he is a good person.

Anyone who had seen him or who may see him, please contact the nearest police and report the latest sighting and whereabouts . You may also contact the number appearing on the photo.

Image Credit: Joe Kim Ong



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