Skin and Bones OFW Pleading to Come Back to Her Family in the Philippines; Agency is Not Doing Anything

An OFW is crying for help after her agency is not doing anything. [Image Credit: Gmg Bro Aart / Facebook]

There are many OFWs who were able to come back to their families in the Philippines amid the employment ban in Kuwait. A lot of agencies are doing their best to send their workers and help them return to the home country.

However, there are still some agencies who refuse to help their OFWs. One of them is I-Rekrut Manpower Incorporated, working with Mubarak Agency.

Escape From the Hospital

In a Facebook post by Gmg Bro Aart, he shared his interview with an OFW in Kuwait named Jeanette Opido. He revealed that the agency urged the OFW to escape from the hospital because they don’t have money to pay the hospital bills.

When asked about her passport, the OFW revealed that the agency is still not getting her document from her previous employer.

February 22 since the documents are already with Sol. However, it turns out that the OFW will not come back to her family in the Philippines since according to the agency, she needs to go to the hospital first to have her documents processed.

[Image Credit: Gmg Bro Aart / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Gmg Bro Aart / Facebook]

Broken Promises

During the interview, the OFW cannot help but show her frustration because the two agencies just kept on asking her questions without any actions at all. She also mentioned that they are not helping financially too when it comes to the hospital bills.

The OFW was already pleading for the agencies to let her come back to the Philippines. She is already crying because she already submitted all the required documents for her return. She’s now afraid that she will die in the hospital room since what she needs now is her family.

[Image Credit: Gmg Bro Aart / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Gmg Bro Aart / Facebook]

Fear of Returning Lifeless

The OFW’s fear now is that she will return to her family, particularly her five children, lifeless, like the other reported OFWs. The personnel in the agency also told her before that she will come back to the Philippines even if she’s dead, which makes her frustrated more.

Wala akong makain dito kasi wala naman akong trabaho.

You may see the whole post here:

It is heartbreaking to hear that OFW pleading for help. Other than being sick, she revealed that she cannot eat properly anymore because she cannot work.



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