Simple And Space Saving Three-Bedroom Modern House Plan

Do you love looking at photos of a small house to inspire you in building your future home? If you do, then you will be amazed at this simple three bedroom modern house.

This modern house is simple, minimalist, and compact. If you are looking for a smaller and more budget friendly property, this house will surely fit your needs.

With a total living space of 10×25 meters, this house features a modern looking shed roof. The combination of the paint finish in cream with gray accent walls give the whole house a clean and minimalist look to it.

What makes this house plan unique are its open area in the middle, which is perfect to be used as a lanai or to help you cap off the day after a long day at work, rest or take a light snack at the simple veranda of this house. This spot is also a perfect breakfast nook or if you just simply want to sit back and relax. There is also a second floor, which is an open area.

Continuing with the minimalist theme, this house uses glass windows and doors all throughout the house. The tiles and the interior paint are also in white hues.

Upon entering this one bedroom small house, the first area that you will see is the living room. Just a few steps away from the receiving area is the combined dining area and kitchen.

Since the space is limited, the dining area is composed of tall bar stools and a slim table setup. This table is multipurpose too. You can use it for eating, as an island for food preparation or as a buffet table.

The kitchen comes with enough room for a refrigerator, a gas range, and cabinets. There’s also a door which will lead you to the service area at the back.

This three bedroom house have several bedrooms. You will be surprised on how spacious the rooms are. Each room comes with an en-suite toilet and bath complete with a lavatory, a washing area, a provision for a bathtub, and a built-in cabinet.

Check out the floor plan of this modern house here:

Not because the floor area is limited does it mean that you should sacrifice on comfort. If you have a well designed floor plan for a modern house like this, you can surely maximize every inch of space in your home.

Thanks to SamPhoas Plans for this amazing design!

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