Seaman’s ex-girlfriend who cheated on him explodes in anger

The problem of infidelity and cheating is part of any relationship.  It happens because of many reasons and factors.  But one of these factors that is always used as a defense is that there are no more feelings and no more love left for the other person and, therefore there is no reason to be together.

Like they say, it always takes two to tango and takes two hands to clap.  In any relationships, both parties should have equal affection and attraction for each other.  It other words, the love should be mutual.

The question why love is no longer there is the issue here.  How did love go? How did it fade? Some say it is because of a third party. Others say, it is because of the distance and lack of communication. Well, whatever the reason is, infidelity is infidelity, cheating is cheating. Anyone guilty needs to pay for its price.

Related to this, a seaman who signed off from his work arrived in the Philippines and went directly to Raffy Tulfo to ask his intervention to talk to his ex-live-in partner  to claim his properties and other belongings from her, who according to him has cheated on him twice.


The seaman is Ryan Jubac and his live-in partner is Renea Tolosa.  According to Ryan, he met Renea and fell in love with her until they decided to live in together for six years.  Renea allegedly kept from Ryan that she was pregnant with another seaman and only told him about it when they were already living together.

Ryan accepted her and kept her child as his own; he thought she was his forever.  They lived together until they both had their own biological child. Ryan said he sent her to school to finish a teaching course.

Ryan worked as a seaman for five years and while he was on board all of his salary and savings went to Renea.  Until lately, Ryan discovered that she is cheating on him again for the second time around. He went to Raffy Tulfo to ask for his intervention to talk to Renea to take back whatever left from the properties and money he sent to her while he was working in the ship.

Raffy Tulfo arranged for their meeting in Samar.  Renea showed up ballistic  and in a tirade, she expressed all her disappointments and accusations to Ryan screaming on him.  The matter was settled, however, giving to Ryan what he believed to be legally his.  He promised that he will support his two children with Renea. – LMI

Source: Raffy Tulfo in Action

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