The Runaway Bride: Former OFW Turns Her Back On Her Supposedly January Wedding

The former OFW doesn’t want the wedding to pushthru. [Image Credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action]
The former OFW doesn’t want the wedding to pushthru. [Image Credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action]

Marriage is considered as one, if not the most, best days of a person’s life. A lot of women dream of walking down the aisle with their beloved waiting for them at the end. Many gentlemen also wish to build a family with their dream women.

However, there are times when the supposedly happy day was turned into a nightmare. This is what a complainant of Raffy Tulfo in Action asked when he went to seek help from Raffy Tulfo.

The Wedding Turned Wedding

The complainant, Jim Paul Tan, asked help from Raffy Tulfo, to talk to his fiancé, Claire Villavieja. According to Tan, Villavieja doesn’t have enough time for him that is why the wedding cannot push through.

However, when Tulfo called Villavieja, she revealed that it was Tan who called it quits and was lying. When Tan talked to her mother, Gina Albeso, he said that it was Villavieja who just want to get married.

The Runaway Bride

When Tulfo asked Villavieja if she still wants to get married, she immediately said “no.” According to her, she was a former Overseas Filipino Worker in Saudi Arabia and when she went back to the country, a woman named Carla said that she got pregnant by Tan.

Tan also insisted that he doesn’t want to get married at first since they don’t have enough funds.

Before the conversation end, since the woman doesn’t want to get married anymore, Tan wants to get the PHP 83,000 he gave for the wedding since there are people who already bought tickets for the wedding. Tulfo also offered to help them to contact the supplier to get at least a big portion of the funds.

You may watch the whole video here:

The two former lovers decided to come to an agreement that Villavieja will return PHP 51,000. When the Tulfo team called Tan, he said that Villavieja already deposited PHP 20,000.

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