Ret US Navy and OFW got cheated on many times by girlfriend

Was there really love in their relationship?  This was a question asked by netizens about the relationship between a retired US Navy, Alberto Frio and balut vendor Ronelyn Solis, who were in a relationship for almost four years as claimed by Frio.

Alberto Frio went to Raffy Tulfo to ask for his intervention and assistance to talk to his girl friend, Ronelyn Solis, who was allegedly having a relationship with other guys while she was still cohabiting with him.

Frio complained about his girlfriend, Ronelyn Solis, who is six months pregnant with another guy while she is in relationship with him and was still living with him in his house.  Ronelyn is married to another man (not to Frio) with three kids.

Frio admitted that out of anger, he sent Solis and her sister away from his house on September 18 because according to him, he was furious about Ronelyn’s lies and for continuously cheating on him.  He also stressed that he had forgiven and have accepted her back for four times after being caught of cheating.

Ronelyn, who was also in Raffy Tulfo’s studio, said that she could no longer take Frio’s treatment of her.  She alleged that Frio was always talking about the financial assistance he has given her and her family.  Frio spoke that he only said all these because he was hoping he will be treated fairly by Ronelyn and her family, however, he said that he was just used by Ronelyn.  She was receiving his financial support while she and her lover were enjoying behind Frio’s knowledge, which resulted to her being pregnant with her lover.

Ronelyn said, she does not want to go back to Frio anymore and she was asking for her freedom.  Frio agreed, however, he asked that he must be paid back for whatever fair payment he can get for the millions of cash and properties he has given to Ronelyn and her family.

Tulfo settled the matter by saying that the case about the properties and the sum of money Frio has given to Ronelyn  be brought to court for proper handling.

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