Remains of 2 Filipinas murdered in Cyprus arrived in the Philippines

After three months since Cypriot self-confessed serial killer Nikos Metaxas admitted his crime of killing foreign women including Filipinas, the remains of two Filipinas, Marry Rose Infante and Maricar Arquiola, he abducted and killed in Cyprus arrived in the Philippines on Saturday, July 27.

The remains of another slain Filipina, Arian Palanas Lozano, are also expected to arrive anytime soon.  These three migrant workers in Cyprus were reported missing between 2017 and 2018 but were discovered to be the victims of Metaxas, which he himself admitted.

It is recalled that the corpse of these slain women were found either floating in the lake  in Cyprus or at a reservoir. This was his way of disposing the bodies of his victims.

Metaxas’ admission of his guilt made the world shivered. How could such a Greek-Cypriot army officer  do these crimes?  He admitted he met the foreign women including his Filipina victims on dating sites online.  He would befriend them and offer them things that would make them fall for him and would murder them after.  He confessed that he met the Filipinas on a dating site called Badoo.

With Metaxas’ admission, the police also investigated on other missing people’s cases which are all connected to him.  The police suspects that these cases all lead to one crime  attributed to the serial killer but yet to be investigated.

After thorough investigations of his crimes and his self-confession, Metaxas was convicted to 7 life sentences last month.  He pleaded guilty to the crimes of murdering five women including the three Filipinas and two innocent children. There are still missing foreign women but they were not found yet and he could not be convicted of their death unless investigations and hearings prove it.

The two Filipinas, Infante and Arquiola, both lived and worked in Cyprus as domestic helpers.  Infante who worked in Cyprus for 13 years was from Isabela while Arquiola who was from Ilocos Sur worked for 4 years.

Source: ABS CBN,

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