President Duterte To Seek Help From China After the Kuwait Employment Ban

After the Kuwait employment ban, President Duterte will seek help from China. [Image Credit: Information Nigeria]

The Administrative Order about the ban on sending Overseas Filipino Workers to Kuwait shocked not only OFWs and agencies, but also the government of Kuwait. This employment ban will affect not only our economy, but also the lives and families of OFWs who are relying on their work overseas.

The next question left it: where should they go to work? Are there alternatives that the government can offer to still help them provide for their whole family?

[Image Credit: UPI]
[Image Credit: UPI]

Help From Another Country After the Employment Ban

During his interview, President Rodrigo Duterte stated that he may reach out to China if foreign employers continue to abuse OFWs.

I will ask China to open its doors to us and I said to them that if you consider the Philippines, we would be glad to allow our workers to work here…All I ask is that, huwag ninyong abusuhin [don’t abuse them]

According to the president, foreign employers should treat OFWs decently, adding that the country is ready to suffer even if it meant reduced income.

Do not destroy their dignity as a human being. Let them sleep long enough. (One) complaint is that they’re fed with leftovers, kaya nagsu-suicide eh [that’s why they commit suicide]. Hindi na matiis [They can’t take it anymore], including rape.

The remains of the OFW who died in Kuwait is now in the Philippines. [Image Credit: GMA News]
The death of an OFW still remains unresolved. [Image Credit: GMA News]

Other Countries Where OFWs Can Work

After the death of seven OFWs in Kuwait, the government wants a temporary employment ban in the country. With almost 250,000 OFWs to lose jobs, are there other options while waiting for the help from China?

Yes, there are a lot of employment opportunities for Filipinos.

[Image Credit: Wikipedia]
[Image Credit: Wikipedia]

Taiwan and South Korea are continuously looking for factory workers. Their job packages include overtime and housing.

If you are a skilled worker, Australia is looking for electricians, mechanics, plumbers and IT professionals while Singapore is in need of customer service representatives, chefs, programmers, waiters, and graphic designers.

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