A Poor OFW is Confined in a Hospital in Kuwait Due to Stroke

An Overseas Filipino Worker cannot go back to her family in the Philippines yet due to not because of her impending contract or because her employer is preventing her from doing so, but due to another impending reason.

Many Filipinos are working abroad to get a bigger source of income and to support the family’s finances. The sacrifices of these Filipino migrant workers are worthy since they can give their loved ones a better life in the Philippines.

However, in some cases, some OFWs working abroad are abused and harassed by their heartless employers. Some of them are reporting that they cannot get their monthly salary, some of them were abused physically and sexually, and in other cases, they are not given food to eat for several days.

[Image Credit: Isturis Delacruz Robertocuadrante Yheng / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Isturis Delacruz Robertocuadrante Yheng / Facebook]

OFW Confined in Kuwait

A Filipino working in Kuwait shared her experience meeting another Filipino in the country. According to Isturis Delacruz Robertocuadrante Yheng, she met Helen Bernal Fernandez, a 45 years old Filipino in the Middle East. But instead of being fit and happy in the country, Helen is suffering the opposite fate: she is in Al Adan Hospital because of her sickness.

Upon checking further, Isturis found out that Helen is suffering from the complication of stroke. She is all alone in the hospital, with no-one but the nurses to tend to her needs. Luckily, Isturis’ employer was confined next to Helen, when she knew about the domestic helper’s poor condition.

[Image Credit: Isturis Delacruz Robertocuadrante Yheng / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Isturis Delacruz Robertocuadrante Yheng / Facebook]

Needs to Go Back to Her Family

Isturis is not sure whether this has been reported to the government or Helen’s family. She is now knocking on our doors to help raise this to the government’s awareness so they can do something and aid bring back Helen to her family in the Philippines.

Read the story here:

Lord,Sana pagalingin nyo si kabayan..Siya po si Ate Helen Bernal Fernandez.45 yrs old..Wala kasing add nakalagay sa…

Posted by Divina Gracias Malica on Friday, March 30, 2018

We hope that the Embassy of the Philippines will be able to do something to Helen’s case. Please bring back the OFW to her family.



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