Pinay “scams” her Pakistani bf worth 3.5M pesos

Love is so powerful that it can make you do crazy and stupid things! In Filipino parlance, “nakakatanga ang pag-ibig”! We have heard of people’s stories and have been witnesses to their rise and fall when it comes to love. And, oh, we, ourselves have our stories to keep or share.

Are we to blame when we fall in love and do crazy things? What would you do when the person you love does not love you anymore? Is that really how fast love go or was there really love in the beginning or none at all?

Let’s read a story of one Pakistani, Muhammad Arslan Athar who works in Dubai.  He went to the Philippines to clear his name from a police blotter filed by a certain Rose Corazon Mataac, a Filipina who worked in Dubai and once lived with him.

Mr. Athar went to Raffy Tulfo to ask for his help to talk to Ms. Mataac, the woman who filed a police blotter against him, who according to her was harassing her and was posing threats to her life.

Mr. Athar, however, denied all Mataac’s accusations, saying she was the one who fooled him by scamming him to a total of a whopping 3.5 million pesos!  Athar related their love story to Raffy Tulfo.  He said that Rose Mataac went to Dubai as a tourist.  She did not have money that time and she was helped by Athar until they fell in love and got into a relationship.

While in Dubai, she did not have work and was accommodated by Athar, giving her money to send to her son and her family in the Philippines, and providing her basic needs like food, visa processing, jet setting, and gifts of jewelry and money!

Rose Mataac however, was married and had an agreement with Athar that she will file for the annulment of her marriage so that she could marry him. Athar agreed and had given her the money to spend for her annulment. He said he gave her Php 120,000 for that purpose alone.

However, after her annulment, Mataac went home to the Philippines and have forgotten about her promise to marry Athar.  Athar wanted to ask her for an explanation and was contacting her but she said she was being harassed and her life is in danger with him.

She told different people and have posted on social media that Athar is a bad person who was physically abusing her when they were living together and hat his obsession with her  is putting her life in danger.

Athar went to the Philippines to clear his name.  He said he does not want anything from Mataac but only to ask her to take back her words against him and that if he has to collect the money he had given her, he will donate it to a charity in the Philippines.

Raffy Tulfo said he will help him file a case against Mataac to claim the money scammed from him, to clear his name and to attain justice for his miseries.

Source: Raffy Tulfo


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