Pinay OFW in Saudi Arabia is Now Suffering From a Mental Disease

Our kababayan needs our help. [Image Credit: Julia Zabat/Facebook]

Overseas Filipino Workers are always praised because of their sacrifices and greatness for the family. A lot of them are deciding to move and work in another country to bring food to the table and give a much comfortable life for their spouses and children.

Especially since the Christmas holiday is just around the corner, we can’t help but feel sorry for our OFWs. A lot of them are willing to make huge sacrifices and are willing to be away from their family to support them.

However, there is also recent news that a number of our modern day heroes all over the world are facing dangers at some point in their lives from working abroad. Some of them are facing physical and sexual abuse while there are also others who are suffering from diseases. One of them is Angelina Martinez Ojeda.

[Image Credit: Julia Zabat/Facebook]

What Happened?

In a Facebook status of a netizen named Julia Zabat from Uqaila, Kuwait, several videos of Angelina Martinez Ojeda were posted.

Ojeda used to work as an OFW in Saudi Arabia. She’s 45 years old and was residing in Valenzuela City before she decided to take her chances abroad.

In the said videos, Ojeda can be seen kneeling in front of a faucet. Although it looks normal, the video taker asked Ojeda what she is doing where she answered, “naglilinis lang ako.”

Ojeda, unfortunately, is now suffering from mental disease. She used to work under the agency named MMM in the Philippines and Daeyman Alawael Recruitment in Saudi Arabia. The reason for her mental breakdown is still unknown.

[Image Credit: Julia Zabat/Facebook]

They Need Our Help

Zabat is now seeking our help to look for the relatives of Ojeda. Her situation is now okay and she is currently staying in an accommodation in Saudi Arabia.

Hopefully, this post will reach her family. Let’s hope that her situation will get better.

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