Pinay OFW in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is Suffering from Sexual Abuse Every Night

One of our OFWs is suffering from sexual abuse from her employer. [Image Credit: Pinoy Viral Stories/Facebook]
One of our OFWs is suffering from sexual abuse from her employer. [Image Credit: Pinoy Viral Stories/Facebook]

Hearing stories of physically abused Overseas Filipino Workers is saddening and angering. Our OFWs are doing their best help their families live a more comfortable life in the Philippines, but yet, they are suffering not only because of the loneliness of being away from the family, and unfortunately, from the hands of their respective employers.

Other than physical abuse, some of our fellow Kababayans are also suffering from sexual abuse, like this OFW from Saudi Arabia.

[Image Credit: Pinoy Viral Stories/Facebook]

Suffering from Abuse

In a Facebook post of Pinoy Viral Stories, one of our Kababayans, Meriam Abdulgapor working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is suffering from sexual abuse. She is asking help from us to reach out to Raffy Tulfo.

Abdulgapor is a native of Cotabato. Her agency is High Mark Manpower Agency Co, with phone number 0536656592.

Abdulgapor wants to go back to the country because she is afraid of her employer’s son. According to her, the son wants to rape her and there were multiple counts of sexual abuse.

What is Happening?

According to Abdulgapor, whenever she is sleeping at around 11:00 PM, the son will enter her room. The lock on her room’s door is broken and she doesn’t have any choice but just to pretend that she is sleeping. Once the son enters her room, he will touch her private parts.

Abdulgapor cannot take a video of the abuse since her cellphone doesn’t have a memory card.

[Image Credit: Pinoy Viral Stories/Facebook]

She also added that she can only get her salary after 3 to 4 months. She also mentioned that whenever she is sending money to her family, she can get hold of the receipt of the remittance within 1 to 2 weeks.

Abdulgapor also revealed that when her female employer learned of the abuse, she became very harsh to her. She is always finding faults in Abdulgapor’s actions. She is also deducting 500 Riyals to her salary.

[Image Credit: Pinoy Viral Stories/Facebook]

Let’s help our fellow Kababayan. Please continue sharing this to let the appropriate agencies know.

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