Pinay OFW in Kuwait Took Her Own Life a Few Days Before the New Year Starts

A pinay OFW in Kuwait took her own life.

This is indeed a sad start for everyone as one of our fellow Overseas Filipino Workers allegedly committed suicide just a few days before the New Year. The OFW in Kuwait was found inside her room hanging with a rope around her neck and lifeless already.

What Happened?

The woman, Marife Librada or Bhiee Bii Acer, worked as an OFW in Kuwait. She is also the sister of stand-up comedian and host in variety show Wowowin, Super Tekla.

When the police got to her room, they had to cut her down. However, she was left in a very disturbing position that angered a lot of Filipino netizens.

The photos of the incident spread like wild fire. There were multiple posts on Facebook, just a few days after the incident.

[Image Credit: Bhiee Bii Acer/Facebook]

Before the Incident

After taking a bath on that day, Librada locked herself in the room and did not come out. She was staying in Kuwait at her employer’s house with an Ethiopian and another Filipino. The other OFW is known to be very close to her like a mother.

Before she took her own life, people connected to her in the social media site reported that she had recent posts with unhappy messages regarding her love life, the possible reason why she took her life.

Super Tekla’s Plea

Super Tekla is currently on a tour in Canada, but he took his time creating a heartfelt Facebook live video asking the embassy to conduct an investigation about his sister’s case. According to him, his sister was abused and maltreated by different employers abroad.

Super Tekla also believes that the abuse might be the reason why her sister decided to take her own life.

Librada’s body is now with the embassy to be sent back to her family. We hope that she will find eternal peace.

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