Pinay OFW in Kuwait Hospitalized and Being Held By Her Employer After Allegedly Stealing His Watches

The family of Deboraj Joyce Ravillo, an OFW in Kuwait, is now looking for her. [Image Credit: OFW Kalingawan]

It is saddening to know that more and more of our Kababayans are experiencing hardships in other countries. Some of them have luckily been able to escape the abuse and the troubles they are experiencing. However, there are also a number of our Overseas Filipino Workers who are still crying for help.

Some of them are experiencing sexual and physical abuse from their employers while some of them are already in the hospital because of the hardships they are facing.

One of them is Deboraj Joyce Ravillo, an OFW from Kuwait.

[Image Credit: OFW Kalingawan]

Crying for Help

In a Facebook post from OFW Kalingawan, Ravillo’s crying is asking for prayers for the rescue operation of her cousin in Kuwait. According to the cousin, she cannot be contacted and the last update from her is the video she sent as well as the last photos of her during the time she was hospitalized.

According to the cousin, Ravillo is already out of the hospital but she is still with her employer.

[Image Credit: OFW Kalingawan]

The Video

In the video that Ravillo took, she’s crying for help because her employer is hurting her physically. She also said that her employer is telling her that she stole his prized watches and in return, the employer took all of her belongings.

She was also threatened by the employer that she will be taken to the police. On the last part of the video, you can hear the employer shouting and trying to open the door.

Ravillo’s cousin and her family are now asking for our prayers and help to coordinate or call the rescue hotline of the Embassy of Kuwait. As of now, they cannot contact or find any leads regarding Ravillo’s sudden disappearing.

Please share this with all your friends and let’s help the family find Ravillo. Our prayers for the family.

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