Pinay Domestic Helper in Saudi Reports That Her Two Employers Rape Her Several Times

The Pinay domestic helper reveals that she was raped several times by her employer. [Image Credit: Emson Tabara / Facebook]

Overseas Filipino Workers are having a difficult and touch life working abroad. They are not only away from their loved ones and families, there are also times when they had to endure the pain and hardship of working for foreigners in foreign lands just to sustain the financial needs of their families back in the Philippines.

Most of the Filipino workers working outside the country do not have any other choice but to leave their families and loved ones behind due to the lack of employment opportunities in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, employers abroad are offering better salaries and benefits for their Filipino Workers.

However, not all of them are lucky in their quests of working overseas. There are also a lot who are suffering from the maltreatment of their employers, making their lives as OFWs difficult.

[Image Credit: Emson Tabara / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Emson Tabara / Facebook]

Raped by Her Employer

Recently, a concerned Filipino worker named Emson Tabara turned to Facebook to help another OFW named Sarah Mae Magunda. In a video, Sarah Mae recalled how her male employer sexually abused her.

According to Sarah Mae, who has been working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia, she was raped not only by her male employer but also his son. The male employer abused her first followed by the other suspect.

During the night, when nobody is at home, the male employer would shut everything and knock at her door. Even if her room is locked, the employer would shout at her until she is forced to open the room.

[Image Credit: Emson Tabara / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Emson Tabara / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Emson Tabara / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Emson Tabara / Facebook]

Double Suffering

The son also does the same. Every time the poor OFW is alone in their house, he would force himself to her. Sarah Mae doesn’t have any choice because she fears for her life.

The domestic helper said that she doesn’t have any evidence of the sexual abuse. However, her employer often takes her to the doctor for examination.

The poor OFW just wants to come back to her family in the Philippines. She cannot take the abuse anymore.

Watch the video here:

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