Pinay Domestic Helper Pleading; Wants To Go Home to the Philippines After Two Months of Working Abroad

Let’s help our fellow Kababayan. [Image Credit: OFW Kalingawan/Facebook]
Let’s help our fellow Kababayan. [Image Credit: OFW Kalingawan/Facebook]

More and more people are going abroad just to provide a better life for their family. A lot of professionals such as engineers, teachers, doctors, nurses, and architects, to name a few, are seeking for a greener pasture in another country.

A lot of them found their success and luck from working in another country. However, some of our Kababayans are not lucky enough to land on a good employer.

Hearing sad stories about our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) suffering from sexual and physical abuse is not new anymore. Nowadays, more and more Filipinos are experiencing sufferings at the hands of their employers.

This is similar to what one of our fellow-Kababayan is experiencing now.

[Image Credit: OFW Kalingawan/Facebook]

The Video

A Pinoy domestic helper made a video telling her suffering at the hands of her employer. She is seeking help from other people since her agency, MANPOWER is not helping her at all.

Porket ba first timer kailangan muna SUMUKA ng dugo para matapos ang kontrata, para matulungan nila?

She also mentioned that she cannot take the workload that she needs to finish every day. Although it’s just her first two months in the country, she feels that she cannot take it anymore.

Bnbrush kasi ang sahig na Chlorox ang gamit. Pagkatapos ang mga sofa, bubuhatin ang lalaki ng mga sofa. ang laki ng bahay, third floor. Mag-isa lang ako dito.

Ang sabi ng agency ko, sinungaling daw ako.

[Image Credit: OFW Kalingawan/Facebook]
[Image Credit: OFW Kalingawan/Facebook]

Strict Employer

The OFW revealed that her employer always locks the door. Even if she will just throw away some garbage, she needs to inform her employer about it.

Although she has food to eat in her employer’s house, she mentioned that her stomach cannot take it. She also posted another video where she’s vomiting blood.

You may watch the whole video here:

The OFW’s name and her other details are still unknown. Let’s share this news with other people until it reaches the appropriate people.

Let’s help our fellow Kababayan.

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