Pinay Agency Employee Threatens a Poor Domestic Helper That They Will Salvage or Have Her Raped

The agency is threatening the poor domestic helper. [Image Credit: Jhon Nheilson Vasquez Buenafe / Facebook]
The agency is threatening the poor domestic helper. [Image Credit: Jhon Nheilson Vasquez Buenafe / Facebook]

A post of a Pinay Overseas Filipino Worker is claiming that her agency is not helping her in returning to the Philippines.

The Overseas Filipino Workers are having a tough and difficult life working abroad away from their families and loved ones. They are enduring the hardships and pain of working abroad just to sustain the financial needs of their families back in the country.

A lot of the Filipino workers working outside the Philippines do not have any choice but to leave their families because of the lack of job opportunity in the Philippines. Unfortunately, a lot of them are experiencing misfortune and maltreatment with their employers, making life as OFW more difficult.

Abusive Agency

Recently, Jhon Nheilson Vasquez Buenafe posted a video narrating the story of Claudine Cuamag, who is working as a domestic helper in Saudi Arabia. According to him, Claudine has been serving her second employer already, after her current employer sold her to another employer.

But it is not the end of the story for the domestic helper. When she reached out to her agency, Kamis Musyat Recruitment Agency, the Filipina employer refused to help her. Instead, the unnamed Filipina told her that it’s better to die so she can go back to the Philippines. She also added that they can have her salvaged or raped by a local.

Di bale ng mamatay ka dito makauwi ka ng PInas o di kaya ipapasalvage ka namin o ipaparape sa Arabo.

Asking Money

After asking help from her agency, her employer confiscated her mobile phone. She was constantly beaten by her employers too. She’s not allowed to talk to other domestic helpers too.

The poor domestic helper was told that she can break her contract with her employer if she will pay 26000 Rials. Her family was also told by the agency to pay PHP150,000 for her freedom too.

Watch the video and read the story here:

Guys paki like and share poh para makarating poh sa gobyerno ntin sa pilipinas salamat🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦❤️© Jhon Nheilson Vasquez Buenafe

Posted by OFW CCTV on Saturday, March 10, 2018

Currently, other OFWs are still looking for the name of the unnamed agency officer. Although there are comments surfacing about the officer’s identity, there is still no confirmation whether it is real or not.

The poor domestic helper is still asking for help and fearing for her life too.



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