Overseas Filipino Worker in Saudi Arabia Covered in Bruises Needs Help

Overseas Filipino Worker
An Overseas Filipino Worker in Saudi Arabia shows her arms covered in bruises. [Image Credit: Jaizsirk Diaz Martin / Facebook]

Our Overseas Filipino Workers are important people in the society. Not only because of the sacrifices they are making for their family but also their contributions to the economy. If you are not aware, money transfers coming from the remittances being sent by an Overseas Filipino Worker is making at least 10 percent of the country’s GDP.

The contributions made by the OFWs are steering the wheel of the economy. It is not a secret to all of us that the economy of the country is dependent on the remittances being sent by the OFWs every month.

[Image Credit: iRemit]

Aiding the Overseas Filipino Worker

Due to the help of our modern day heroes, the government and President Rodrigo Duterte are providing different programs that are centered on the needs and the concerns of the OFWs. The current administration is also addressing the concerns as well as protecting the rights of every Filipino workers overseas.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard the government is trying to protect the lives and the welfare of these immigrant workers, some of them are still suffering from the abuse of their employers. You might already be aware of it and heard them from the news: A lot of them are crying for help and rescue.

[Image Credit: Jaizsirk Diaz Martin / Facebook]

Domestic Helper in Saudi Arabia Cries For Help

One of them is domestic helper Fatimie De Jose Talavera, an Overseas Filipino Worker from Rafha, Saudi Arabia.

Fatimie’s concerned friend, Jaizsirk Diaz Martin, turned to an OFW Facebook group to ask help from the admins and other members to ask help for her friend. Jaizsirk posted photos of Fatimie with bruises all over her arms.

[Image Credit: Jaizsirk Diaz Martin / Facebook]
According to Jaizsirk, the domestic helper has been suffering from physical and verbal abuse from her employers. The poor domestic helper cannot ask for help from the authorities as she’s afraid that her employers will turn the table against her and she will be put to jail.

Currently, the Overseas Filipino Worker is in 85 As Sinaiyah, Rafha, Saudi Arabia.

[Image Credit: Jaizsirk Diaz Martin / Facebook]
Read the story here:

We are hoping that the Philippine Embassy will be able to rescue our poor OFW.

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