Overseas Absentee Voters account for 1.8 million voters this May 2019 elections

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) disclosed that this year’s election achieved a 32% increase in overseas absentee voters compared to 2016 elections.  May 2019 elections account for more than 400,000 overseas absentee voters (OAV).

According to COMELEC as GMA News reported on Monday, May 13, it said that there are more or less 1.8 million OAV scattered in different countries.

This year’s election, OAV accounts for 3 % of the total number of Filipino voters which is more than 62 million.

OFWs in Saudi Arabia nd United Arab Emirates account for the highest number of OAV which is more than 300,000 each.

This number is followed by the voters in the US with more than 200,000, and followed by overseas absentee voters in Canada, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Italy, and Qatar.

OAV started voting on April 13.  They only voted for national candidates, 12 senators and one party list.

Truly, through the overseas absentee voters (OAV) program of the government, any Filipino who is abroad is accorded with the chance and privilege to exercise suffrage.

Therefore, all Filipinos abroad can still exercise their freedom to choose for the candidates they believe could serve them and represent their voices in the senate.

Though this process is very costly for the government because it entails sending the ballots to the OFWs abroad wherever they are, it is a privilege that every overseas Filipino voter enjoy.

Reports say that Filipinos abroad are very concerned of what is happening in the Philippines because they love their country and their families who are left back home are the ones benefited for a good government as a result of their choices, who they voted for to serve them.

In the recently concluded national elections, many Filipinos abroad have cast their votes and hey were hopeful that the candidates they have chosen and have voted for will lead the country towards its improvement. – LMI

Source: GMA News


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