One-Story House Plan: Three Bedroom House

Are you planning to buy or to build a new house for the family? Maybe you want to build a bigger home. If you still want a bigger space for the family, without sacrificing your budget, check out this three-bedroom one-story house!

If you are looking for an affordable design of a house with three bedrooms, perhaps this house might be a good inspiration for you. It is a contemporary house, but the size fits a small and starting family.

One of the reasons why one story houses are preferred over double story houses is the fact that it is more affordable to build and maintain a bungalow than a double-story home. This three-bedroom house is very flexible as well. You can always remodel or modify it in the future in case you want to include other rooms.

Looking at the floor plan below, the first area that you will see upon entry to the main door is the living room area at the left and the first bedroom at the right.

The living room is connected to the kitchen and the dining hall. To save and to maximize the space, the living and the dining area are combined.

The kitchen, to separate it to the recreational areas, is located in another room. There is also a door from the kitchen where you can access the service area. This service area can be converted as a washing area or a dirty kitchen.

All bedrooms are spacious enough for a built-in closet, an entertainment area or a study area for the kids. The two common bathrooms are located at the middle of house, making it accessible, from anywhere you are.

Checkout the floor plan of this one story house here:

Overall, this one-story house design has:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 toilet and baths
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen


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