One-Story House Plans: Simple One-Bedroom Home

What makes a one-story house special?

First, for those who are looking for real estate opportunities, but they have limited budget, a single-story home is workable.

Second, it is the perfect size for a small, starting up family.

Third, if you are planning to expand your home in the future, a single-story home will allow you to add more rooms or extend a part of it without spending too much.

This one-story house design from Thanyarat Nam Saengkittikun is the perfect vacation or retirement home design.

It is elevated from the ground, with a space between the home and the ground. It features several staircases too: One in front of the house and another one at the back.

This one-story house uses a combination of traditional and modern materials. The walls are made with a wooden finish, giving the home a homey vibe to it. From the outside, just before you enter the house, you’ll see the large balcony as well as the large glass windows.

The interiors of this one-story house is simple: It has white walls and wooden floors. It has an open house floor plan too. You can rearrange the different parts of the house as there are no walls separating them, other than the bedroom.

Once you enter this home, you will find a hallway for the combined living room and dining room areas. Due to the nature of the design, it is best to use simple and minimal pieces of furniture.

Even the bedroom is simple, yet spacious. It has enough space for a full size bed, built-in cabinets, and even side tables.

Here’s a pro tip: To avoid everything looking cluttered, use a bed frame with storage at the bottom. Store your clothes and other knick knacks on this storage, instead of using built-in cabinets.

This one-story house plan is ideal for those who are still starting a small family or even for people who are looking for a home upon retirement. It is homey and minimalist, yet spacious enough for your needs.

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