OFW’s wife cheated on him and wants her freedom

One of the worst experiences that an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) undergoes is being cheated on.  It can be debilitatingly painful especially when it involves factors that make the situation worst.  If it was just a one-time event or an accidental cheating, it would be less painful and the one cheated on may get over it in time but how about if it was a pre-meditated one and it does not only involve sex but also a relationship where there is love, sharing, and planning for the future?

This exactly is what happened to one OFW in the person of Lance Jayson Julian who was working in Qatar for one year and six months.  He said he went crazy when he knew that his wife was cheating on him for a year already.  He could not sleep and could not work well and decided to go home to win back his wife.

He was asked by his company to pay for terminating his contract and he spent all his savings just to be able to go home to save his family.  But when he was home, all his hopes were losing for he found out his wife no longer wants to be reunited with him.  He went to Raffy Tulfo to ask for help to be able to talk to his wife Aidalyn Julian and her lover Rey Sarsaba to end up their relationship once and for all and let Aidalyn go back to him and their four children.

Lance told Tulfo that they are still living under one roof but he could not talk to his wife seriously because Aidalyn would avoid him and stress that she no longer wants to be reunited with him as her husband and wants her freedom.

Aidalyn Julian was interviewed by Tulfo on air and she indeed admitted that she had an affair with Rey Sarsaba that lasted a year.  When she was asked by Tulfo if she is still willing to go back to her husband she vehemently said not anymore because she could not tolerate Lance’ capitalizing on the money he is sending to her and for talking too much.

Aidalyn stressed she wanted to be free from her husband because there is no more love she feels for him though she said she and her lover Rey Sarsaba had ended their relationship.

Rey Sarsaba , Aidalyn’s lover  who works in a lending company told Raffy Tulfo that, indeed, he was in a relationship with her but had terminated whatever connection he had with her, which Lance does not believe because he pointed out that they were still together before he arrived in the Philippines from Qatar on March 27 this year.

Tulfo warned Aidalyn Julian and Rey Sarsaba to finally and officially separate because if not, he said he will do everything in his power to have them both arrested and put them to prison.

As of this writing, no updates have been reported whether or not Lance and Aidalyn are finally reunited by Tulfo. Stay tuned for more updates. – lmi

Source: Raffy Tulfo in Action




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