OFW’s son dies of physical abuses

What could be the most debilitating experience for a mother than knowing her son died in the aggressive custody of his very own cousin and his wife?  This is what happened to John Earl Cagalitan, the two-year old boy who died of physical abuses from his cousin and his wife whom his mother, Erlinda Cagalitan have entrusted him for care while she worked abroad.

OFW Kuwait shared the news about John Earl who suffered severely from the hands of his cousin who was unnamed and his wife.  His fingers and arms were being squeezed in against the door, punched, and being fed with spoiled food.  According to the observation of neighbors, this was the daily struggle of John Earl without the knowledge of his mother Erlinda who was working abroad.

The neighbors who saw the incidents did not report to the police or informed his mother because they claimed that they were also threatened by John Earl’s cousin that they, too, would be hurt if they would do so.

The physical abuses continued and with the young age of John Earl, he could not endure the pain and trauma until one day when he peed on the bed of his cousin, he and his wife punished him severely that led to his death.

OFW Kuwait post said that he was rushed to the hospital but the doctors were not able to save him due to the severe wounds he suffered.  From their post, it was known that the doctor who was assigned to John Earl called his mother Erlinda and told her what happened.  Erlinda went home but his son was already dead.

Erlinda grieved for her son’s death and was sorry for not being able to save him. President Rodrigo Duterte learned the incident and promised Erlinda that John Earl’s death will be given justice and the people who are responsible to his death shall be punished as they deserve.

Source: kami.com.ph/OFW Kuwait Balita



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