OFW’s son allegedly physically abused by his own father

The most difficult challenge and trial of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) need to fight or overcome is homesickness.  Homesickness is “a strong longing for home or a person associated with home, such as a parent or sibling.”

All OFWs with families left at home feel this longing that is oftentimes coupled with grief, sadness, and worries about their family members back home.  This homesickness becomes severe when they learn that their family member like their parents or siblings become ill or experience suffering.  How much more if the one who gets ill or is suffering is your own son or daughter?

This is the ongoing challenge of one OFW under the Facebook name MaryAnn Elcano Carino who posted in the Facebook group called RAFFY TULFO IN ACTION ADMINS GROUP MEMBER asking for help for her son, unnamed, who was allegedly physically abused by his father because of his mistress.

MaryAnn Elcano Carino claims on her post that her husband is allegedly cohabiting with her cousin and are living together as an illegal couple for five years already. Her husband’s mistress is allegedly the reason why he hurt their son resulting to severe physical injury as shown in this photo.

MaryAnn Elcano Carino is asking the Filipino nation who can read her post to report the incident to Raffy Tulfo so that her son may be assisted and be given justice for what was allegedly done on him by his own father.

She also expressed in her post that she wants her husband and his mistress to be imprisoned for the crime they have done and for not giving financial support to their seven (7) children.

She can be reached at her number +96655368494 and her son’s phone number in the Philippines is 0930848324.

Anyone who can read this post and who has the capability to report it to Raffy Tulfo or to any concerned government agency or non-government organization, please extend your help to them.


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