OFWs in Saudi Arabia Rescued from Terrible Employers

For many Filipinos, working abroad is one of the most promising attempts to earn money for a living and to sustain the family’s needs for food, shelter, medicine, and the education of their children. Statistics show that other countries give much higher salaries to employees. A housemaid here receives a monthly salary of 2,000-4,000 pesos compared to a whopping 15,000-30,000 pesos abroad like Hong Kong and Singapore would give to domestic helpers (DH).

This inspires many Filipinos to go abroad and work. However, life and working in a foreign country may be very challenging and difficult.Many times, we are shocked by the revelations of our countrymen about their tragic experiences working abroad.

Lately, Raffy Tulfo in his regular program Raffy Tulfo in Action aired at ABC News 5 and on his Youtube Channel and website, presented two different cases of OFWs asking for help due to their worsening condition in their workplace.

The first case was a Filipina OFW who was named Eva working as a DH in Saudi Arabia who was being maligned by her male Arab employer and was almost raped as shown in the video she sent to Tulfo. According to Abner, a Filipino and her partner, the case was already reported to OWWA and to the agency of Eva but no help was given.

Relatively, another Filipino named Arnel Ditua reported to Tulfo of his poorest condition after his contract with his employer ended. He was denied his salary for 6 months and was sleeping in a truck and begging for food from his friends. His employer resisted to release his passport which prevented him from going home to the Philippines. He said he sought help from OWWA but was denied many times.

Tulfo requested OWWA to rescue them and both OFWs went home safely to their families and received assistance for livelihood.



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