OFW’s husband pleads his wife and her lover be deported

Lately, news about OFWs committing adultery and leaving their families behind just to be with the man or woman they fell in love with has gone viral and trending and we read and hear them almost everyday.  The netizens have varied opinions about this issue growing rampant.  Most sympathize with the victims, their spouses and children left behind, but some would also express their neutral opinion while others would take side with the perpetrators saying there must be factors behind the act.

One of those cases that went viral over social media and particularly over OFW websites is the plea of a certain Filipino husband which was reposted by Noynoy Panganiban Quinto to Tulfo Brothers Worldwide public group on Facebook. According to Quinto’s repost, the alleged victim’s wife was cohabiting with another man in Dubai. The repost claims that the man is married to his wife and have three kids. The man was asking for help and wants that his wife and her lover be deported back to the Philippines.  He expressed his willingness to report the case personally to Tulfo brothers but he does not have the financial means to get to them.

The photo below shows the alleged victim’s wife and her lover spending sweet moments together.  It must be very difficult for him to be thinking over this situation especially that he is helpless with three kids to think about and with their marriage on the rocks.

This is one of the most debilitating struggles of OFWs and their families.  In many cases, the spouse who is left here is the one falling for somebody else but in most cases, too, the OFW is tempted to seek attention and love from someone who shares the same homesickness and longingness for a loved one.  From stories that we hear, many families have been broken because of distance and yet sometimes we cannot avoid these circumstances because we do not have a choice but to leave our families to work abroad and support them.

May these stories serve us a lesson so that they will never be repeated.  We must be strong and always choose our families over other things.  May the man in the respost and his wife be united again not only for their kids but also for their love for each other.

Story and image credits: Tulfo Brothers Worldwide public group on Facebook.

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