Husband complains of his OFW wife who has 6 boyfriends

Cheating and infidelity among OFWs and their spouses are no longer new to us.  Almost every day, we read and hear about those stories and they had become like a part of our daily living.

We have reached a point where we no longer raise our eyebrows if we read about an OFW’s wife or husband cheating on them because this happening has already become part of our day to day life. However, if we hear that a couple is splitting up because one party has been proven cheating not once, not twice, not thrice but, six times, wow, this is a big news!

Indeed, this is what happened to a husband in the person of Jose Embang, 39 years old, garments cutter operator from Taytay Rizal, who was complaining about his wife, Renalyn Embang, 33 years old, OFW in Saudi Arabia, who had six other relationships with other men while she is married to Jose.  Five of these relationships are considered confirmed because Renalyn herself admitted them to her husband and one other that is not confirmed due to insufficient evidence.

In an interview with the couple conducted live by Raffy Tulfo over his program on ABC 5, Renalyn admitted that she and Jose had physical assaults where they almost killed each other with a knife.  The fights stemmed from Renalyn’s infidelity. Defending herself, Renalyn hit Jose in his genitals which led to a surgery.

Jose related Renalyn’s history of infidelity.  He said Renalyn admitted that she cheated and confessed to her husband that she could not count how many times she had sex with those men. Jose recalled there was a time, he wanted to make love with Renalyn but she refused, however, when he woke up at dawn he discovered that Renalyn was not wearing an underwear. This made him suspect that even when they are together, Renalyn is having sex with other men.

Their eldest child is allegedly not Jose’s but Jose does not complain about the child for he had accepted him as his own.  The only thing he is requesting now is that the custody of their children will be given to him.

Renalyn agreed to give the custody of their children to Jose with the condition that he will not file charges against her infidelity.  She is scheduled to go back to Saudi to work. – LMI

Source: Raffy Tulfo in Action

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