OFW’s 2-year old son suffers from severe violence from his own father

Child abuse is a common happening that is rampant in the society for many long years now. Rappler reported that 8 out of 10 children suffer from all forms violence and child abuse in the Philippines.

Imagine someone intentionally hurting a child who is defenseless.  It is a kind of incident that nobody would want it to happen and yet it is still happening and the number of cases is growing each year.

The physical abuse that is mostly suffered by children are in the form of corporal punishment like flogging, spanking, pulling the hair or ear-twisting, kicking, slapping, burning, and even attempting to drown.

The most hurting part of child abuse is that oftentimes, those who are doing it to their children are the parents themselves. This is what happened to the son of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) under the name of Bestudio Weng who claimed that her son is allegedly being punished by his father if she could not send money to him.

In her Facebook post, Bestudio Weng could not take anymore what her two-year old son is suffering from the hands of his own father.  She asked her relatives to take her son for the meantime and live with them just to be saved from his husband’s cruel hands but her relatives denied her.

Though it was not clear how Bestudio Weng saw how her son was being hurt by his own father, she posted on her Facebook post that she saw that during the time her son was sleeping her husband was kicking him and hurting him and all of these are due to Weng’s failure or inability to send money to him.

Because no relatives are willing to help her son, she thought of bringing the matter to the social media for wide dissemination. She is hopeful that her post would reach Raffy Tulfo or any agency or persons who have the capacity to help and rescue her son from that situation.

Let us share this news as many as we can so that it will reach many people and those who have the capability to help will rescue her son.

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