OFW with amnesia could not remember his family, goes home to a hospital instead

What would you do if one day one of your family members, or someone very, very dear to you could not remember your name or anything about his or her life anymore because he or she suddenly has amnesia? It is a very frustrating and experience for both the one who has it and the people who are close to the patient.

Going home to your family and home country is perhaps the sweetest experience one can have after staying for several years in a foreign land especially for OFWs who spend many years working under harsh conditions and missing their families back home. But how would you take the experience of going home to your country but could not go home to your family because you do not know who they are and where they live?

This is the case of one overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who was identified as Richard Soriano Reyes who is suffering from amnesia and was repatriated to the Philippines on March 29, 2019.

Reyes was an OFW in China.  According to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), he had a stroke and brain hemorrhage in 2017 and had undergone a major operation and treatment until he became stable.  However, his condition became complicated when after recovering from stroke he could not remember any details of his past and is unable to recall details that would lead to finding his family.

Reyes, though he could hardly speak, has a nice voice and when GMA asked him if he was a DJ, he answered “yes”.  He also responded “yes” to GMA News when they asked if he remembers he has children but could not remember their names.

Reyes has a tattoo “Amanda” on his right arm but he could not remember who is “Amanda” in his life.

According to Olivia Palala, Senior Special Assistance, OUMWA, DFA, they could not trace Reyes’ family and they could not determine whether he has a wife and children because he seems to have limited ties.

DFA decided that Reyes will stay in Las Pinas General Hospital until officials locate his family. Reyes remembers he is a Catholic and for that a rosary was given to him as a gift.

For those of you who recognize Richard Soriano Reyes whose photo appears on this news and on the video, please report it to the police.  Your help means a lot to Reyes’ family and to the whole Filipino nation.

Source: GMA News

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