OFW Suffers From High Blood Pressure Resulting to an Operation and Long Confinement in the Hospital

An OFW suffered from high blood pressure and blood clot, leading to an immediate operation. [Image Credit: Ramirez Kadhama Anah / Facebook]

Many Overseas Filipino Workers are having a tough and difficult life of working abroad to provide their families with their financial needs. These Pinoy workers abroad are enduring the loneliness and hardships abroad so they could give their loved ones a better and brighter future.

Most of them were forced to work abroad due to the lack of opportunities and insufficient monthly income in the country. If they will be working in the Philippines, they might not get the same salary that they are getting from their employers abroad.

If you have a family member who is working as an OFW, do you often ask them about their health? If you haven’t, make sure you do so.

[Image Credit: Ramirez Kadhama Anah / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Ramirez Kadhama Anah / Facebook]

OFW Confined in the Hospital

One of our fellow countrymen suffered from high blood pressure, resulting in her being in the hospital for several months.

Recently, a Facebook user named Ramirez Kadhama Anah decided to turn to Facebook to ask prayers from everyone regarding the case of Lorna Balangue. According to her, Lorna has been working as an OFW in Kuwait when one day, she was rushed and confined in Mubarak Hospital.

She later learned that Lorna has been staying in the hospital for almost three months. When she confirmed, she found out that she was confined due to high blood pressure. There was blood cloth in her head, causing her to undergo an immediate operation.

[Image Credit: Ramirez Kadhama Anah / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Ramirez Kadhama Anah / Facebook]

All Her Relatives Are Informed About Her Situation

Lorna needs prayers for immediate recovery so she can return to the Philippines. According to Ramirez, she doesn’t have any visitors. Her agency and employer already notified her relatives but upon speaking with the embassy, they were informed that the OFW needs to be released to the hospital first to avoid further complications.

Read the story here:

We are hoping for Lorna’s speedy recovery. Hopefully, other OFWs can take their time and visit her in the hospital.

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