OFW smashed and beaten by employer’s son cries for rescue

Being an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) does not only mean earning a lot of money, living in a foreign land, and getting to mingle with foreigners.  These may sound interesting to many and may imply that the life of an OFW is that exciting but there are nightmares and ordeals that they undergo.

Many stories have been told about female OFWs being molested, maltreated, and even raped by their male employers.  Some may have experienced not being allowed to eat, wrongly accused of stealing, and other accusations, and another worst experience is being physically abused.

Another story of one OFW working in Abu Dhabi is going viral on Facebook today.  She claims that she was beaten and smashed severely by her employer’s son who had a training in the army.

The OFW is under the Facebook name of Pusong Ligaw and she herself posted her photos on Facebook and asking for a rescue.  She posted her photos on April 8 at 3:34 PM Abu Dhabi time showing her bruises.

There were no further details why the OFW was beaten by her employer’s son. She (the OFW) only posted that she has many swelling on her head and other parts of her body that she got from beating.  She also mentioned that she is locked in her room and not allowed to go out.

The other maids are being allowed to go out but they, too, could not report to the police or tell the story to anyone about what happened to Pusong Ligaw because they might be afraid what their employer will do to them.

Pusong Ligaw is crying for help. She said in her post that she van be reached at Al Jimi 16 St., Bin Zaiton Complex, Room 208, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. Please share this news as many as you can to reach her agency and the concerned officials who have the capacity to help her.

Source: Facebook




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