OFW Sends Money to Her Partner; Partner Uses the Money For His Other Woman

The OFW is asking help from Raffy Tulfo to get her money back. [Image Credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action/Facebook]

Earning money is hard, especially if you are an Overseas Filipino Worker. You had to sacrifice a lot of hours working or you have to risk your health.

Some people think that our OFWs are like banks. Others see them as sources of money where they can easily get funds to live in luxury.

[Image Credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action/Facebook]

Funds for Housing Used to Another Woman

An OFW turned to Raffy Tulfo in Action to ask help to get her money back from her previous live-in partner.

The said OFW, Berna Delaroso, was complaining about her previous partner, who, according to her, run away with her money. According to the OFW, she sent PHP 75,000 in the period of five months working as a domestic helper overseas.

The accused, a Baranggay Kagawad named Pedro Refuerzo, was tasked by Delaroso to fix their house. However, according to Delaroso, Refuerzo is already living with his former wife.

[Image Credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action/Facebook]

More to the Story

During a phone call with Refuerzo, he said that Delaroso knows that he is already married when she agreed to be his other woman. Refuerzo also said that they used his own money to provide for her family and fix his papers for working overseas.

The OFW disagree with the statement and said that she thought the two were no longer together before she came to the picture. She also added that she already applied for the job overseas before they were together and already have the money to pay for the expenses.

[Image Credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action/Facebook]
[Image Credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action/Facebook]

To be fair, Raffy Tulfo told Delaroso that they cannot help her with filing a case to Refuerzo since she’s not forced to send money. To close the case, they went to the barangay to fix the issue.

The story ended happily since Delaroso was able to get at least PHP 10,000 with the help of the mayor. There is no bad blood between her and Refuerzo, too.

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