OFW in Saudi Arabia in Comatose After a Stroke Attack and Needs Our Prayers

An OFW in Saudi Arabia suffered from a stroke attack and is currently in coma. [Image Credit: Pinoy OFW Pautwasan / Facebook]

In tropical countries like the Philippines, one of the dreaded diseases to suffer from is a stroke. There is no right time nor right age when it comes to stroke. It can affect anyone of any age, gender, and nationality.

The child of an OFW from Saudi Arabia is now asking for prayers from everyone. The story sender is currently working in Kuwait as well.

[Image Credit: Pixabay]
[Image Credit: Pixabay]

What Happened?

In a Facebook post in the Pinoy OFW Pautwasan page, the OFW named Joy Laraño was said to experience high blood pressure at around 3:00 AM Saudi Arabia time. After a stroke attack, she was already on comatose and needs to undergo a brain operation. According to the doctors, there was a blood clot in her brain, resulting in her condition.

The OFW is currently in the Intensive Care Unit and waiting for the operation at the Mowassat Hospital in Saudi Arabia.

Help to Return to the Philippines

The said daughter or son is also asking for help from Raffy Tulfo, President Rodrigo Duterte, and the government of the Philippines to bring back the OFW in the Philippines. According to the plea, nobody will be able to take care of her in the hospital and would be of greater health if returned to the country.

Risk Factors for Stroke

Stroke can strike anyone without any warning. Before you suffer from it, make sure that you prevent these risk facts that can increase your risk of a stroke attack.

Your lifestyle plays a big role in minimizing the risks of having a stroke. Physical inactivity, heavy or binge drinking, drug usage, and being overweight or obese can increase your chances of having a stroke.

[Image Credit: Pinoy OFW Pautwasan / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Pinoy OFW Pautwasan / Facebook]

Make sure to have a yearly full body check-up, control your blood pressure, exercise regularly, lower the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol intake in your diet, quit tobacco use, and maintain a healthy weight.

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