OFW, physically abused and molested by employer cries for help

A video is going viral since it was uploaded on Friday, October 18.  The video was uploaded by OFW JOIN FORCE – Ang Boses At Kakampi Ng Mga OFW.   It  shows an unidentified overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who is wearing a hijab and was teary eyed, relating her story with the hope that she may be rescued from her present difficult situation.

The OFW who did not mention her name is asking for help because according to her, her male employer attempted to rape her many times.  She said that he was forcing her and was physically abusing her, as well, just to get what he wanted from her.

According to the OFW, her male employer said that if she does not want to give in to what he wants from her, he will confiscate her cellphones, which he successfully did.  The OFW said she has three cellphones but her employer thought she only has two and that was what he confiscated only.

Her third cellphone is the one she used to capture said video of herself asking for help, which she sent to friends with the hope that her video will reach concerned agencies and people who have the heart to help her and rescue her from her present situation.

The OFW also mentioned that aside from her male employer, his son, daughter, and his wife are also physically abusing her.

The video has 552 shares and 23k views since it was posted and as of this writing.  Comments from netizens said that the OFW should have mentioned her name at least, her cellphone number or Facebook account where she may be contacted, the country where she is working, and her recruitment agency so that she may be reached immediately and proper investigation and rescue may be given.

As of this writing, there is no update from the OFW yet.  If her situation were true, she deserves help.  Please share this post so it may reach the Philippine government, Philippine Embassy, the POEA, and the OFW’s recruitment agency so that she may be given proper assistance.

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