Raffy Tulfo Rescues the OFW in Mecca Who Was Almost Raped By Her Employer

Jackelyn Talilisan, an OFW in Mecca, was almost raped by her employer. [Image Credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action]

Another of our Overseas Filipino Worker faced abuse in the hands of their employer. Jackelyn Talilisan, a domestic helper in Mecca, cried for help. The OFW in Mecca was able to report it to POEA Cotabato, but she did not receive any follow-up from them.

[Image Credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action]

What Happened?

Jackelyn was almost raped by her employer’s son. Luckily, Raffy Tulfo in Action was notified of her case and they were able to help her immediately. She was able to go back to the country with the help of Raffy Tulfo and his staffs.

But there is another problem: the OFW in Mecca to come back to the country, she used her own money to purchase the plane ticket. Now, she went back to Raffy Tulfo in Action to seek legal counsel whether she can still able to get back the money she paid for the ticket or not.

According to Jackelyn, after taking the video, she sent it to her cousin immediately. Her cousin sent it to POEA in their province and was advised to follow-up after two weeks. However, Jackelyn does not want to stay in her employer’s house anymore fearing for her safety.

[Image Credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action]

The Clarification

According to Jocelyn Sanchez, the Deputy Admin of POEA, Bumiputra Agency, Jackelyn’s previous agency, needs to shoulder the airfare. However, the agency refused to pay it immediately and wants Jackelyn to go back to the agency to verify the information first.

Upon talking to Raffy Tulfo, the representative of Bumiputra Agency, agreed to shoulder the airfare immediately. Tulfo also shouldered the airfare of Jackelyn going back to her family in Cotabato.

[Image Credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action]
[Image Credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action]

Everything ended well and Jackelyn was able to get her money back. She will also use the money she got to have a better start for her and her children.

You may watch the whole episode here:

Kudos to Raffy Tulfo and Raffy Tulfo in Action. Thank you for helping our Kababayan.

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