No Tearful Goodbyes: OFW Uses Magic Trick When Parting With Wife And Son

An OFW turned a sad farewell into a rather happy one by performing a magic trick. [Image Credit: Nafson Tolentino / Facebook]

It takes a lot of courage and dedication to be an Overseas Filipino Worker. After all, these OFW are not only risking your own happiness and comfort — you are also leaving your family and loved ones behind.

One of the challenges which are proven heartbreaking to a lot of these modern day heroes is to say goodbye to their families and friends. It has become a custom to all of us that whenever an OFW is leaving the country, we are taking them to the airport to bid goodbye.

And more often, these moments end as tearful goodbyes.

No Tearful Goodbyes

There are a lot of photos showing how painful it is to bid farewell to a family member who will be working as OFWs. Kids, especially, often cry hard as they have to say goodbye for a long time to their parents. If it exceptionally hard for the migrant worker who needs to stay strong and not show any loneliness, even if they want to cry their hearts out.

While some promise to go back as soon as they can, others have their own ways on how to say goodbye to their loved ones, without ending up crying their hearts out.

[Image Credit: Nafson Tolentino / Facebook]
One of them is Nafson Tolentino.

Nafson is one of the many OFWs who had to leave his family behind. He has been working as an OFW in Canada. But after his vacation, he had to go back and earn a living for his family.

But his clever way to say goodbye to his family earned him a spot in one of the most viral videos in the country.

[Image Credit: Nafson Tolentino / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Nafson Tolentino / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Nafson Tolentino / Facebook]

The Magic Trick of An OFW

Instead of ending up in tears, Nafson used a magic trick so that his wife and son will not end up crying. This magic trick has been used by a lot of people on social media — to vanish into thin air — and the OFW did it flawlessly.

After kissing his wife and son goodbye, the OFW hid behind the blanket before putting it down so that his son can see that he’s behind it. After holding the blanket up, he ran as fast as he can before the blanket fell to the ground.

[Image Credit: Nafson Tolentino / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Nafson Tolentino / Facebook]
Dazed and confused — his son tried looking for him. But the mother guided him so he will not see his dad walking towards the gate.

Watch the video here:


Although it is heartbreaking to see that he’s parting with his family, Nafson’s clever trick worked. It is indeed better to see his son believing the magic trick rather than crying his heart out for hours.

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