OFW in Kuwait Who Suddenly Lost Her Eyesight is Crying For Help

Another OFW in Kuwait, Jamboy Torrefiel Barrera, posted the video to seek help. [Image Credit: Jamboy Torrefiel Barrera/Facebook]

The new year usually means a new life. Most people pray that the new year will give them a more prosperous and enjoyable life. There are also others, especially who have parents or spouses who are Overseas Filipino Workers, to have more time to spend with their loved ones.

However, there are times when our wishful thinking cannot come true. There are cases for our OFWs wherein instead of having a better life with their families, they are suffering more.

[Image Credit: Daily Mail UK]
[Image Credit: Daily Mail UK]

Another Kababayan Needs Our Help

This is similar to the case of one of our Kababayan in Kuwait.

A netizen and OFW in Kuwait, Jamboy Torrefiel Barrera, posted a photo of Marjel Wapille in a hospital. According to him, when he talked to Wapille, she said that she is currently working for a Arab family.

Wapille is from Ozamiz City and it’s her fourth time to work abroad. She experienced good things from working abroad except for this time. She suddenly lost her eyesight.

Wapille is already in the hospital for 15 days and still continuing her medication. She doesn’t have any visitors because she doesn’t have any relatives or friends living in Kuwait.

Bad Thing After Another

Barrera also added that Wapille revealed to him that her current employer went to her once to the hospital to bring her clothes. However, her employer got angry after bringing her clothes. According to the employer, Wapille is already useless and cannot work for the family.

Wapille is left with nothing and she needs to pay the hospital bills. She is now knocking at our doors so that the video can reach her family in the Philippines, particularly her father, Pepe Wapille from Labinay, Ozamiz, and her mother, Marilyn Wapille from Molave, Ozamiz.

Wapille would like to go back to the Philippines and be with her family.

Hopefully, we can give our fellow OFW in Kuwait a brand new start for the year.

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